Structured Investment Products

Raiffeisen Switzerland Structured Investment Products

Raiffeisen Switzerland has been active in the area of structured investment products for more than ten years and has now started operating as an issuer with an extensive product range. Our offering is characterised by our values, such as - Swissness, security and quality of service.


From production to distribution, the entire value chain of our investment solutions is largely created in Switzerland. Raiffeisen Group has the largest banking branch network in Switzerland and thus proves that customer proximity and addressing the customer in the respective national language is among our core concerns.


Raiffeisen Switzerland has a rating of A2 from Moody’s. This outstanding credit rating is the result of Raiffeisen’s sustained and solid business policy.

Quality of Service

Our quality of service is demonstrated by the superior consultancy service we offer our clients, a high level of product innovation and efficient market making. This has already earned us the Swiss Derivative Award for Top Service.


Our product range is aimed both at retail clients and at institutional investors who want to get a better risk/return allocation using structured investment products. We offer investment solutions across a broad range of underlyings and payoff profiles in order to meet the most diverse investment needs. Please feel free to contact us.